SEMES SPATIAL, Campbell Works, London
13/06/2013 – 23/06/2013

Nine artists, currently studying at CSM, London, will take up residence in the gallery for seven days. The resulting exhibition exposes the process of ‘confined creativity’ as the artists work within the limits of both the architecture and the same oxygen supply. Responding to a new environment which is both familiar in its ubiquitous art whitewash, while altogether alien in its minutiae, the collective response could expand in numerous directions, but exploring the volume and detailed parameters of the rooms and the intangible presence of history, allows a forensic examination of both the signature of place, and the room as subject.

Semes Spatial is curated in collaboration with Katie Tindle
Text courtesy of Campbell Works

My work developed performatively throughout the week, changing and developing in its format from the setup period right through to the the date of presentation. I visually reacted to the light and shadow the space introduced to me while working in the space during that week.

Pears Soap Monday

Pears Soap Wednesday
wood, pineapple, soap, sponge and metal

Pears Soap Thursday (installed)
wood, oil paint and digital print