For The Art licks Weekend event which took place in London on 4th - 7th October 2017, we presented a travelling foldable exhibition.

Array is a response to this year’s theme ‘Finding Solutions’ in relation to concerns about space and visibility for emerging artists and curators in today’s fluctuating landscape. Due to the nature and materiality of this project, the exhibition is transient and can both occupy space and disappear by the folding and unfolding of the fabric. The exhibition will become activated (unfolded) when approached by members of the public. Array presents 10 emerging artists whose work incorporates painting, sculpture and collage. In keeping with the tone of the exhibitions materiality, the works address ideas surrounding place, visibility and temporality.

A joint project by KoProjects (Jeff ko) & Looking at Painting (Jessie Churchill)
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Milly Peck, Brian Michael Dunn, Lotte Rose, Jessie Churchill, Asger Harbou Gjerdevik, Realf Heygate, Oli Epp, Jonathan McCree, Doug Bowen, Jeff Ko, Jeremy Hutchison

Print plan supporting the exhibition, A4 on recycled paper.

As the exhibition was held on fabric, visitors were invited to use the plan while folding and unfolding the work, to discover more on each artist. Alternatively when it was held up like a billboard on The Art Licks Trail event, visitors could use the plan like a tourist uses a travel guide at a viewing point.

Fish Tank, Digital Photograph, Jessie Churchill, 2016

Array, Fordham Park, New Cross London, 2017